How to Change Watch Battery: Comprehensive Guide

This article contains information on how to change the watch battery. If you are having wristwatch and don’t know how to change the battery when it is dead, this article will help you out.

However, changing the battery is often a simple task that you can do at home. Though some watches are hard to lose and fixed back. All you need is the right tools and proper procedures.

How to Change Watch Battery

Most watch repair shops consume time when changing the battery and also is expensive. changing of watch battery depends on the brand, style, and type of your watch.

Furthermore, you can easily replace a faulty or dead battery in your watch with the steps listed below.

Get All the Tools Need to Change the watch battery

You will need to get all the tools you needed to repair the faulty or dead battery in your watch.

Remove the Back Panel of the Watch

There are different back panels in the watch, some can be opened with a hand, while some need a tool. However, here are common types of back panels for watches:

Snap-on Back

You need a flat tool to open this kind of back panel. However, this type is held in place with pressure.

Screw-Down Back

The screw-down watch offers threads that let a tight and sometimes waterproof seal. The tools needed may differ depending on the manufacturer.


This type is attached by screws similar to a screw-on back. However, the main difference is bayonet lets for consistent and equal pressure on all points of the back panel.

Remove Back Gasket

The gasket is the rubber spacer in between the case back and the inside of the watch. So, before changing the battery you need to remove the rubber gasket. You can use a flat tool to gently lift it up and remove it, make sure you do it gently to avoid rip.

Remove the Old Watch Battery

Once you use the tools to remove the back gasket, you can now remove the old battery. However, make sure you check it out on how it is placed before removing the old battery. So, you can place the new one correctly in the right position.

However, you can clean the connection points in the watch with a small cloth once the old battery is out.

Input The New & Fresh Battery

You can now insert the new battery since the old battery has been terminated. However, you can use utilize tweezers to place the battery if you are having issues doing it by hand. You can now reset any tabs or other holders to make sure it held securely in place.

Make Sure it Working

It is important you check it out if it is working correctly. So, you will have to slip the watch over and inspect it to see if it is working. If it does not work, that means you insert the battery wrongly or have a damaged watch.

Putting the Watch Back Together

Replace the Back Gasket

Just insert the gasket back inside the watch and reconnect it. If it does not fit into its proper position, gently press it into place with a tool.

Reassemble the Back Panel

Reattach the watch’s back panel next. This stage can be done by hand or with tools if necessary. When reattaching the back panel, it is critical to get a proper fit, but be careful not to overtighten as threading can be stripped.


How do I know if my Watch Battery Needs to be Changed?

If your watch has stopped ticking, it’s likely that the battery needs to be changed. Additionally, if the secondhand starts ticking at two-second intervals instead of each second, it could indicate a low battery.

Can I Change the Battery Myself, or Should I Take it to a Professional?

It depends on the type of watch you have and your level of experience with watch repair. Some watches require specialized tools and skills to open and replace the battery, so it’s best to take those to a professional. However, if you have a simple watch with a snap-off back, you may be able to change the battery yourself with the proper tools and instructions.

What Tools Do I Need to Change a Watch Battery?

You’ll need a few tools, including a small screwdriver or case knife, a pair of tweezers, and a watch battery replacement kit that includes the correct battery for your watch.

How do I Remove the Back of my Watch to Access the Battery?

Depending on the type of watch, you may need to use a small screwdriver or case knife to pry off the back. Some watches have a small notch or slot where you can insert the tool, while others may require more force to remove the back. Be careful not to scratch or damage the back or case of the watch.

How do I Remove the Old Battery?

Once you’ve accessed the battery, use the tweezers to carefully remove it from the watch. Be sure to note which side of the battery is facing up so you can replace it correctly.

How do I Insert the New Battery?

Make sure the new battery is the correct size and type for your watch, and that it is facing the correct way. Use the tweezers to carefully insert the battery into the watch.

How do I Put the Back of my Watch Back On?

Carefully align the back of the watch with the case and press firmly to snap it back into place. If the back has screws, use the screwdriver to reinsert and tighten them.

How Often Do I Need to Change My Watch Battery?

The lifespan of a watch battery varies depending on the type of watch and the type of battery, but most watch batteries last between one and three years. It’s a good idea to have your watch battery checked and replaced, if necessary, every two years to ensure accurate timekeeping.

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